Tuesday, January 13, 2015


You may have seen me throwing this #newfor52 hashtag around on my Facebook and instagram last year. In fact, you should have seen me use it a minimum of 52 times. Here's why I've been tagging around town, and why I'm committed to doing it again in 2015. Maybe you'll join me?

How did #newfor52 come about?
December 31, 2013 I was searching for a New Year's resolution... that I'd actually keep. I realized that since having my daughter in April 2012, my life had become significantly less whimsical and spontaneous. I kind of missed that, but hey, with babies it's all about routine. Day.... after day.... after day.... Then I realized that was a bit of a lie I'd told myself. Because, it is possible to stay spunky, it just takes a bit of work and intentionality. So rather than cave to an "it's just the way it is" mindset, I decided to do something (well somethingS) about it. I decided to do something new every week of the coming year. 52 new adventures, recipes, exercise classes, lunch dates, whatever would keep me from falling into the rut again.

So, how does it work?
Every week I intentionally try something new and post it to social media (for accountability and easy tracking) using #newfor52. We often do it as a family, but sometimes sneak away for intentional #newfor52 date nights.

Did it work?
Yes! We had SO much fun last year. It helped us regain some whimsy, but also reminded us to be intentional about rotating newness into our routine. We found ourselves on the prowl for fun date ideas, crafts, and reasons to spend fun time together.

Mind if I jump in?
Not at all! I LOVE when folks join in on the fun. We've had some great group #newfor52's too. I've started a Facebook group for sharing ideas, inspiring each other, and finding people to do something new with.

Some favorite memories of #newfor52 2014:
Dance Class
Took our darling miss p to a dance class. She mostly danced to her own beat and stirred the other girls towards naughty behavior, but had SO much fun!

This For That
I HATE running. Really hate it. So when Danny suggested we do the half marathon together as a #newfor52 I hated backing away. Around that same time, a friend challenged me to shave my head for St. Baldrick's. I had no choice but to say "yes" to her request (despite huge hesitations). While Danny trained for his marathon, I raised funds for my Shave For the Brave event. Once shave day came I was over the nerves and was THRILLED to support the cause (and boast being the top fundraiser at the event thanks to my generous friends). The week after shaving my head, Penny (who now has the longest hair of the family) and I cheered Danny on through his half marathon. 

Take Charge
For the past 13 years I've known I had to have my wisdom teeth removed. From time to time they would cause me pain and anxiety, but I always put it off. I'd frequently have nightmares about the day I'd have to get them taken out, and often bargained with God to do ANYTHING else in place of having to get an IV. When my dentist mentioned that "this might be the year" to get them removed I agreed (little did he know what I'd committed to). I voluntarily made the appointment for the consultation (I've done a number of these before), cried through the second half (where we discussed surgery and looked at my X-rays), and then (for the first time) actually booked a surgery date. Now, it was no walk in the park, but I made it through (and harassed the anesthesiologist along the way). Occasionally I forget they're gone and have a pang of panic about them, then I realize that I'm now 100% free from that fear because they're gone forever. Now I pray that the boldness that took me to that day follows me into the medical trials that will inevitably meet me on life's way.

Danny's Choice
I loved that #newfor52 inspired Danny to think of some creative dates for us. He really upped the game with some of his ideas, and I loved seeing his intentionality towards not only 'my cause', but towards our relationship. Thanks to him we enjoyed renting a boat near Balboa Island, a wine & painting class, Mark Broussard concert at Scripps Aquarium, Disneyland, and a showing of Wicked. He wins best #newfor52 wingman for sure.

So as I scan through the photos on my feed, I wish I could tell you the beauty I found in each of them, but I'm guessing that'd be fairly boring. So, I'll leave you with these few recaps. Hopefully you're now convinced to join me, and I can't wait to see the #newfor52 adventures that lay ahead. 

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